In 1967 IPAC patented “the stainless steel clothespin” deriving it from triangular scraps resulting from the molding of pots.

Thus was born, a little masterpiece of local crafts, a valuable piece of design that instills a concept of recycling in an useful and intelligent item.
In 2010, the original stainless steel clip has been transformed into a series of coordinated objects, the Clippe; quirky, amusing, practical and multi-purpose recognizable today as true icons of Italian Design.

How come a clippa?

1_  Stainless steel sheet cut for the production of pots

2_  Waste

3_  Clippe


We start from a coil of stainless steel (coil).

The coil is inserted in a molding machine for cookware or covers: when the piece is printed, a waste ribbon of steel remains. With the discs cut from the coil pots, lids, etc are printed.

… This is the waste tape.


The tape is then sliced into smaller pieces.

Around here we get the “triangles” in which are further cut the silhouettes of clippe.

Attention: the waste material is not to be lost anyway because it is recovered for recycling.


And here: from each triangle one of the two parts of the Clippe is obtained.

Every part is molded to give three-dimensional shape and to allow the assembly of two parts together with a spring.

… And here’s the Clippe.